Incorporated in 1995, Asas Angsana Sdn Bhd is a member of the TSK Group of  Companies. The company is presently engaged in the manufacturing of steel scaffoldings and accessories. Only a decade old, we are well positioned as one of the leading company specialized in steel scaffolding in Malaysia.

Our products consist of steel scaffolding frames (painted and hot dip galvanized), various sizes of cross brace, arm lock, jack base, shoring (U) head, stairs, walking board, walking frame, joint pin, swivel/fixed clamp, hot dip galvanized pipes and others.

Apart from our standard products, we are able to fabricate steel scaffolding of different sizes and design as per customer's request.

Asas Angsana prides itself as one of the leading distributors of
(i)  Form tie accessories;i.e inner unit, form tie outer unit, flat rib washer (for wood batters),
     3 shape rib washer (for round pipe batters), rubber ring, plastic cone etc.  
(ii) Press metal / drop forged couplers and fittings equivalent to BS1139 Part 2 : 1982 / EN 74, 
     hot dip galvanized pipes equivalent to BS1139 : Section 1.1:1990 / EN 39 for tubular

In addition,we also provide :

Steel scaffolding equipment & accessories on rental basis.

Asas Angsana Sdn Bhd dedicates itself to providing quality products with consistency,
reliability and prompt service at all times

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